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Join the thousands of forwarders, brokers and carrier professionals that log on Winmore to streamline their tender management and RFQ . workflows with data-driven insights

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The Choice of Industry Leaders

Transform Your Pricing Process

through Winmore’s AI-driven Platform

1. Align Your Teams With Process Optimization

2. Harmonize Your Lane Data with Pricing Optimization

3. Integrations and Analytics to Turn Insights into Action

  • RFP/RFQ Response Workflows

  • Customer Implementation Workflows

  • Tender Pricing Workflows​


Only Winmore includes a powerful Workflow Engine, so every member of your commercial team understands what's expected, every step of the pricing process. Nothing falls through the cracks, ever.

  • Import Shipments from your TMS

  • Stream air and ocean pricing from Xeneta and Magaya

  • Leverage insight from FreightWaves' Sonar

Assign lanes across the commercial and product teams, so everyone knows what and when to price; encourage collaboration to ensure everyone is on the same page and you deliver timely and accurate responses.

  • Lane-Level Analytics

  • Win rate Intelligence

  • Leaderboard of your Most Strategic Lanes​

Winmore's data model provides insight on Lane-level Performance, tender and RFP win rates, opportunity analytics and insight into the performance of your pricing team.

"Winmore’s Artificial Intelligence Pricing and Process Optimization give us a powerful and measurable advantage in the competitive transportation markets.

George Chasteen

VP of Sales

Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT)

"Logistics companies that transform their pricing can increase revenue by 2 - 4 percent, translating to as much as 30 - 60 increase in operating profit."

- McKinsey & Company


The Winmore platform delivers five solutions for every stage of the customer journey, starting with pricing freight, implementing awarded business, collaborating with shipper customers, and managing sales teams.

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How We Help Forwarders, Brokers and Carriers

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