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The all new AI-based end-to-end Bidding Platform for brokers, forwarders, and carriers to deliver informed and consistent pricing.

Transform Your Pricing Process

1. Upload RFP's to RateAI 

Upload shipper RFP spreadsheets to cloud-based RateAI, confirm column and field formats and you're on your way to standardize lane data and accelerate your pricing response.

2. Assign Lanes to Your Teams

Assign lanes across the commercial and product teams, so everyone knows what and when to price; encourage collaboration to ensure everyone is on the same page and you deliver timely and accurate responses.

3. Compile Awards & Track Commitments

Upload customer responses through multi-round bids, reconcile CRM forecasts with accurate win/loss metrics and hold customers accountable to their commitments through TMS integrations.

"RateAI from Winmore gives us a powerful and measurable advantage in the competitive transportation markets."

George Chasteen

VP of Sales

Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT)

"Logistics companies that transform their pricing can increase revenue by 2 - 4 percent, translating to as much as 30 - 60 increase in operating profit."

- McKinsey & Company

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