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Exclusively for Road Carriers

Optimize your RFP and Contracted Revenue with AI-Driven Optimization

Asset-owning road carriers must consistently deliver excellence to their shipper customers as well as their investors through consistently high utilization rates and reducing back hauls/empty miles.

We designed Winmore’s AI-Driven Price and Process Optimization software for today’s carriers. By working hand-in-hand with the most respected transportation companies, the Winmore digital platform enables you to deliver excellence through every stage of the RFP response and contracted revenue process.

Qualify RFP's based on the Potential Margin in Your Most Strategic Lanes

The Winmore platform allows carriers to define specific zones that include their most strategic lanes, so when they receive a shipper RFP, they can immediately see the number of the "right lanes" in each RFP. This helps you make a smart qualification decisions based on data, such as accurate margin projections, not just subjective influences like the strength of the shipper relationship.

Identify Lanes Likely to Result in Back Hauls, so you can Make Smart Decisions


Just as Winmore identifies the most strategic lanes in each RFP, it also identifies the lanes which are likely to result in empty miles or backhauls, giving carrier teams the opportunity to re-negotiate terms or pricing teams the opportunity to create promotional offers to find capacity.


Integrate your TMS and Pricing Services to Create a Lane-Level 360 Degree view of each Shipper

Winmore’s data model is designed to create a single view of a shipper, along with critical data such as RFPs, lanes, SOPs, etc. By aggregating this in one platform and avoiding data duplication, carriers can save close to $1M a year in operational costs.

Accelerate Time-to-Value with Smooth Hand-offs to Your Operational Teams

Managing the hand-off from pricing to operations with the shipper award can be a high-risk process, especially since shipper documents, pricing materials, comments, and informal remarks are often difficult to aggregate and distribute across carrier workgroups. In fact, one carrier explained that automating this process could save them 90 minutes per RFP or over $29,000 per year.


It’s a good thing Winmore’s AI-Driven Process Optimization supports cloned workflows, which means at the time of the award, the shipper RFP response workflow—complete with supporting documentation, associated emails, and comments—can be cloned to populate the onboarding and implementation workflow, giving the operations team full perspective on the pricing strategy and tactical execution.

Truck Driving by Lake

Get Started Today and Join the Leading Road Carriers

Interested in learning how the Winmore’s AI-Driven Price and Process Optimization Platform can help your tender management team run more efficiently, deliver data-driven pricing on a consistent basis, accelerate the RFP response process and smooth the transition as your team onboards awarded business? Then, get started today.

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