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Accelerate and Integrate Process & Pricing Connectivity 

Integrate the Winmore platform with operational and transactional systems quickly, while leveraging third-party data sources like Sonar from FreightWaves. Reduce costs, complexity, and risk as you simplify process automation and accelerate pricing optimization across your logistics operations.

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Speed-Up Your Time-to-Value

Connect your workflows and price processes to dozens of logistics and transportation data sources within minutes, accelerating your time-to-value. After all, Winmore is designed to integrate with your internal operating systems as well as commercial transportation management (TMS) systems. Leveraging its middleware partners, Winmore connects using standard APIs to extract shipper account information, freight shipments, and even lane-level pricing insight.


Looking outside your logistics business to integrate data from third-party services like Sonar from FreightWaves or PIERS from JOC? The same APIs can help you import historicals, projections, and analysis from the leading transportation pricing data providers.

Remove Integration Complexity

Integrating Winmore with your systems doesn’t require months of programming. Thanks to the open architecture of the Winmore Cloud, Winmore is designed for seamless integration through a range of options. File integrations are straightforward and reliable, while REST APIs are flexible, scalable, and incorporate existing web technologies.*


Winmore is also pleased to work with, the leading integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) company that specializes in integrating logistics software through its innovative middleware platform. offers pre-configured and certified integration “hooks” between Winmore software and leading TMS, WMS, and operational systems, further reducing integration complexity.

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Integrate Data for Integrated Decision-Making


Winmore recognizes that pricing, people, and processes are constantly changing. So, by offering the Winmore Data Mart—a separate database specifically designed for integrations, business intelligence, and reporting—logistics companies can integrate data to help with decision-making. Like any network, the more nodes you connect, the more value is provided.


The Winmore Data Mart functions the same way; integrate relevant data sources, and more than likely, you will arrive at richer, more valuable insights. All of which helps with integrated decision-making across your commercial operations. *REST APIs can only be administered with Winmore professional services. Contact Winmore customer success for more information.

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