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Exclusively for Freight Brokers

Optimize your Contracted Revenue with AI-Driven Pricing and Process Software

Delivering excellence in freight brokerage means having reliable and accurate pricing intelligence to find opportunities and act before your competitors.


We designed Winmore’s AI-Driven Price and Process Optimization software for today’s freight brokers. By working hand-in-hand with the innovators that have defined modern brokerage, our platform provides the foundation to optimize your RFP, business-facing and carrier-facing commercial teams. 

Import RFP’s in Minutes and Save Time with Winmore

Winmore’s pricing optimization includes AI-based rules that scan a shipper RFP and match column and row headers; the Winmore platform imports a shipper RFP in minutes, not hours, bypassing the sand traps so you can go to work in preparing your pricing response.

Qualify RFP's based on Accurate Margin Projections (not Hunches from your Sales Team)


Winmore’s pricing optimization includes AI-based OD-pair qualification, so brokers can upload shipper RFPs to the platform and quickly scan each RFP to assess the number of O-D pairs you're likely to win, and the margin you're likely to earn.


These factors—along with a data-driven stage gate survey—make RFP qualification more of a science than an art, boosting qualification rates in the process so you can prioritize the RFP responses that will drive the most margin.

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Take Advantage of Preconfigured Pricing and Carrier Workflows Designed for Brokers

Winmore’s process optimization platform includes out-of-the-box workflows, designed for freight brokers.  These preconfigured workflows incorporate best practices for qualifying and responding to RFP's, on-boarding carriers, managing exceptions and even coordinating shipper QBR's.

Architected for Integration with your TMS and Pricing Services such as Sonar from FreightWaves

Winmore platform includes the Winmore data mart, which allows brokers to integrate lane-level pricing data from their RFPs with historical pricing from their TMS.  We also integrate pricing services such as Sonar by FreightWaves.


Together, the combination provides powerful insights, especially when delivered through your choice of BI tools ranging from Microsoft Power BI to Tableau.

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Get Started Today and Join the Leaders in Freight Brokerage

Interested in learning how the Winmore’s AI-Driven Price and Process Optimization Platform can help your RFP, carrier-facing and business-facing teams run more efficiently, deliver data-driven pricing on a consistent basis, accelerate the RFP response process and smooth the transition as your team onboards awarded business? Then, get started today.

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