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Accelerate Time-to-Value with AI-Driven Process Optimization Software

Streamline and automate the hand-off from solution design to operations/implementations. Reduce the risk of scope creep. Deliver value to customers sooner, boosting operating margin and productivity gains for your customers.


Winmore’s Implementation Workflows provide a rich collaborative workspace for every stage of the Shipper Onboarding process, starting with initiative, plan & design, execute, test & train and Go Live.

How can AI-Driven Process Optimization Software help your implementation and onboarding teams?

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Comprehensive hand-off from Solution Design and Pricing to Operations

All too often, operational teams are left scratching their heads, “Why did we price these lanes this way, and omit those lanes from our response?” By seamlessly handing off the full history of the solution design and pricing process to operations, the teams responsible for implementing your solutions are armed with context and insight to understand the details of the deal strategy, the nuances of pricing and organizational landscape, which means they hit the ground running, faster.

Compliance and Registering Risks to Limit your Exposure

Successful implementations comply with your internal processes and regulatory guidelines while flagging risks throughout the onboarding process. By clearly communicating success criteria and providing an accessible and intuitive digital portal for registering risk factors, your implementation teams can truly act as trusted advisors while protecting your downside.

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Accessible and Shared Digital SOP’s

Conforming to SOP’s will determine your success and failure in both implementation and production, so ensuring that your shipper SOP’s are both accessible and shared across your operational and commercial teams is critical for your success. SOP’s don’t belong in a Word document in a shared folder; they need to be front and center, where every commercial team member spends their day, so they understand what’s most important.

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