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Exclusively for Freight Forwarders

Optimize your Tender Management with AI-Driven Pricing and Process Software

Delivering Excellence through your tender management process is more difficult than ever, especially when BCO’s send you complex spreadsheets with tighter deadlines, require more follow-on rounds and award fewer and shorter contracts.


We designed Winmore’s AI-Driven Price and Process Optimization software for today’s freight forwarders. By working hand-in-hand with the most respected freight forwarders, our digital platform enables you to deliver excellence through every stage of the tender management process.  

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Get Rid of Spreadsheet-Induced Headaches & Formatting Nightmares

BCO’s send you spreadsheets in a range of formats, often making it difficult to translate into your internal pricing template. All too often, you need spreadsheet wizards to run your tender process.


Good thing Winmore applies AI to automate the mapping of shipper spreadsheets with your internal pricing template, so the upload process is automated in minutes instead of manually in hours!

Save Time Assigning BCO Trade Lanes with Our Pricing Optimization System


Assigning the BCO’s trade lanes for pricing and approvals across your tender team, regional offices and product groups can take hours, back and forth in spreadsheets and in your inboxes; this can be especially difficult when you need your port of origin and destination to sign off on the tender responses.  Of course, your product teams want a say in the process, too


Fortunately, Winmore’s pricing optimization platform includes lane-routing rules, so after you’ve uploaded the tender, the lanes are auto-assigned across your global commercial organization; everyone knows which lanes to price and when to approve, ensuring every response is returned on-time.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Building Your Internal Pricing Templates

Building your internal pricing template for each tender response is another pain point since the most efficient forwarders pull historicals from their TMS and integrate pricing services from companies such as Xeneta and Magaya. To effectively price the lanes, they argue, they need to understand, “What did we bid last year to the same BCO? What did we bid to their competitor in adjacent lanes? And did the lanes we won end up shipping freight?”


Winmore’s pricing optimization is built on industry standards and commercial middleware that streams this data into your pricing template, without requiring help from IT or writing code.

Sleep Easily at Night, Knowing that Winmore's Sanity Checks will Double Check Your Work

Compiling your tender response is an error-prone process and the smallest missteps can lead to big (and expensive) problems, so Winmore has designed built-in “sanity checks” to validate your response and logic to ensure only the appropriate sections are updated with our “Blacked out Cells” logic. In fact, the same intelligence allows us to highlight changes to the lanes - and the changes within each cell - from round to round, giving you confidence and peace-of-mind, while avoiding costly mistakes.

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Get Started Today and Join the Leaders in Freight Forwarding

Interested in learning how the Winmore’s AI-Driven Price and Process Optimization Platform can help your tender management team run more efficiently, deliver data-driven pricing on a consistent basis, accelerate the response process and smooth the transition as your team onboards awarded business? Then, get started today.

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