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Increase Revenue with AI-Driven Pricing Optimization Software

Streamline your RFP and Pricing processes. Automate your Internal Pricing Benchmarks. Leverage historical pricing and third-party pricing index services to make intelligent, data-driven pricing decisions.

How can AI-Driven Pricing Optimization Software help your road freight business do more with less?

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Reduce Spreadsheet-related Errors

Shippers send their O-D pairs to you in spreadsheets, knowing that the process of uploading and downloading Excel files causes problems. Reduce the dependence on spreadsheets by uploading RFP’s to the cloud and applying machine learning to interpret each shipper file.  This helps you respond faster and reduce spreadsheet errors that are responsible for 40% of the cost of responding to an RFP.

Qualify each RFP based on your Most Strategic Lanes


Many carriers and brokers qualify RFP’s based on the potential revenue of the entire bid, when they should focus on the revenue of their most strategic lanes in each bid. But scanning each RFP for your most strategic lanes takes time.  Instead, upload each RFP and apply artificial intelligence rules to qualify each RFP, to quickly identify and score the shipper’s lanes with the most strategic lanes in your network. 

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Auto-Populate your Internal Pricing Benchmarks


Building your internal pricing benchmark requires exports from your TMS and downloads from third-party pricing services then reconciling the lane combinations in each RFP with your most strategic lanes.  Automate the process through API-based exports from your TMS and real-time updates from third-party pricing services, giving you a real-time snapshot of your performance in each lane… and whether or not those wins resulted in actual freight shipments, so you can make an intelligent, data-driven pricing decision in every lane in every RFP.

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