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Build Deeper Loyalty by Collaborating with your Shippers in a Secure Digital Workspace

Develop deeper loyalty in a shared collaborative digital workspace. Work together side-by-side with your customers, assigning tasks back and forth with shared workflows and mutually understood processes governed by SOP’s.

Learn how one of the world’s largest forwarders uses Winmore to accelerate time-to-value and build deeper customer loyalty.

How can Collaborative Process Optimization Software help you develop deeper loyalty with your shipper customers?

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Extend Workflows to Collaborate more Closely with Your Customers

Workflows aren’t just for your internal teams.  Now, build closer customer relationships by inviting your shipper customers to a secure workspace and assigning tasks to them, so they approve requests, provide context and share insights as you develop solutions, onboard new implementations or review SOP’s in a QBR.  That’s how you build close relationships in today’s digital world.

Enterprise-Grade Security

When your customers are collaborating with you in a secured workspace, it's critical that you are protected by the most advanced and latest security standards and approved by the most stringent IT departments in the logistics industry.

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Digital Library of Contracts and SOP’s

Far too much time is spent managing multiple versions of your most important customer documents, so storing them in a shared digital library – complete with sophisticated version control – for you and your customers, is key to ensure everyone knows the definition of success.

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See Winmore in action and learn more about our digital platform for freight brokers, forwarders, and carriers.

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Streamline and automate the hand-off from solution design to operations/implementations.

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