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Improve Close Ratio and Shorten Sales Cycles across your Commercial Teams

Align your customer-facing teams by sharing all commercial activities at an enterprise level, such as sales calls, RFI's/RFQ's, solution designs, SOP's, improvement opportunities, implementations and renewals.

How can Sales Process Optimization Software help you drive growth by managing your prospects, leads and opportunities...across your global enterprise?

Manage Sales Opportunities across your Global Commercial Organization

If you’re like most logistics service providers, dozens of your employees call on your largest customers around the world each and every day, so keeping everyone synchronized is more important than ever, with a shared opportunity management workflow and relationship maps to ensure that everyone understands the global strategy.

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Real-time Dashboards, Commercial Analytics and Sales Forecasts


Winmore's suite of visibility tools and analytics allows you to efficiently and effectively manage a large global commercial organization. This gives everyone a real-time understanding of where they stand relative to their goals, creating a culture of fairness...and driving measurable results while improving the budget process.

True 360-degree view of your Logistics Customer

There are over 2,000 CRM’s to choose from, so look for solutions designed for the logistics industry.  This gives you an entire ecosphere of capabilities to align your teams, set and achieve measurable targets and speak to your global clients with "one voice."

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Take The Next Steps

Request a Demo

See Winmore in action and learn more about our digital platform for freight brokers, forwarders, and carriers.

Learn More about Pricing Ocean & Air Freight

Streamline your Tender Management processes. Automate your Internal Pricing Benchmarks.

Accelerate Pricing Road Freight 

Leverage historical pricing and pricing indexes such as Sonar by FreightWaves to make intelligent, data-driven pricing decisions.

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