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Catching up with Katherine Barrios, Chief Marketing Officer from Xeneta at TPM, Long Beach

In a recent sit down with Katherine Barrios, Xeneta’s Chief Marketing Officer, Winmore leadership had the opportunity to discuss our shared mission, beliefs, and views on this new opportunity.

Barrios is a highly experienced marketing professional with over two decades of experience. Her insights were integral to the creation of our joint strategic plan and approach to customer service.

Below, we highlight some key talking points from this chat and outline how Xeneta and Winmore’s shared views will allow our organizations to deliver better value to our clients.

Xeneta and Winmore: The Perfect Pairing

Historically, the Winmore Platform has been geared towards providing clients with internal insights. Our inward-facing technologies provide a mechanism for consolidating, analyzing, and optimizing previous rate data.

Our partner, Xeneta’s solution can best be described as an “external platform.” Put simply, it provides clients with access to real-time rates and market-driven data. On their own, each solution can offer clients valuable insights into current rates and past pricing trends.

However, the combination of these two platforms provides clients with on-demand pricing benchmarks that are more strategic and actionable.

In turn, they can leverage this pricing intelligence to increase margins by choosing the best available opportunities.

As the logistics industry becomes ever more competitive by the day, businesses with access to the best data will be in a prime position to win. They will be able to make data-driven decisions faster and with more confidence than others within their industry.

The end result is better profitability, less overhead, and higher organizational agility. Cumulatively, these benefits will protect business continuity.

Our Shared Beliefs

The Winmore Platform and Xeneta’s solution form the perfect pairing. These two robust technologies augment the capabilities of one another in order to deliver maximum value to clients.

However, harmonized technologies alone are not enough to forge a lasting partnership. In addition to offering great products that augment one another, organizations must also have shared beliefs and values.

Xeneta and Winmore have long prioritized the same goals and brand values in our quest to serve our clients.

Clients Deserve Ongoing Engagement

At Winmore, we are grateful each and every time that a client chooses to partner with us. The leaders at Xeneta share this viewpoint. That is why both organizations believe that all of our customers deserve ongoing engagement for the duration of their partnership with us.

Our companies strive to continually communicate with our clients for the entire relationship lifecycle. These efforts go far beyond the sale and deployment processes. Even after a client has implemented our solutions, we remain available to them in order to help them achieve a high level of employee buy-in.

Additionally, we offer ongoing support and troubleshooting services. Our team is constantly gathering feedback regarding product performance so that we can enhance our solutions. Winmore and Xeneta are also working together to expand the capabilities of our products.

Most importantly, our organizations are committed to co-innovation. As we modify our platforms, we will ensure that these new features continue to seamlessly function in conjunction with one another.

Customers Should Receive Tailored Services

While organizations operating within the logistics industry face many of the same challenges, no two businesses are identical. As such, every client should receive tailored services and support from Winmore and Xeneta. This support should speak to each client's most pressing challenges, concerns, and potential growth barriers.

Customized support should be delivered during every phase of the product life cycle. From sales to onboarding and ticket resolution, Winmore wants to ensure that clients are having their concerns remedied as expediently as possible.

Tailored services create a trickle-down effect that benefits all involved. If Winmore provides customized support to its clients, those companies can better serve their customers.

Combined Platforms Deliver Exponential Value

Winmore is confident in the value that our platform delivers to our clients. However, our leadership understood that combining our solution with the Xeneta platform would provide exponential value to clients.

Cumulatively, our solutions offer superior pricing intelligence to users. When pricing intelligence capabilities are integrated with transportation management systems (TMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, clients can create truly dynamic workflows.

With the right workflows in place, businesses can maximize the productivity of their entire team. They can improve delivery efficiency, reduce overhead expenses, mitigate risks, and streamline operations from the top-down.

Internal Training is Pivotal to UX

While the Winmore Platform and Xeneta software are some of the most innovative solutions on the market by far, great products are only part of the equation. In addition to providing our clients with access to world-class technologies, our organizations are committed to delivering first-rate user experiences and customer service.

In order to facilitate the best UX possible, all of our customer-facing teams receive extensive internal training. We believe that investing in our staff is just as integral to UX as the product itself. Each of our team members has a comprehensive understanding of Xeneta and Winmore so that they can provide accurate guidance to clients.

Our personnel are educated on efficient troubleshooting practices and are also provided with strategies to help clients get the most out of the Winmore Platform. They are adept at teaching clients how to leverage the many tools and features of Winmore more efficiently.

Accelerating Time-to-Value is a Top Priority

One of the most significant challenges that logistics companies face when implementing new technology is a lengthy time-to-value proposition. Deploying new software and integrating it with existing solutions can be incredibly labor-intensive and time-consuming.

If the deployment team encounters any unexpected delays, then operating margins will erode, which will expand the time-to-value projection.

Winmore addresses this legitimate concern with our unique approach to onboarding. Our approach allows clients to accelerate time-to-value so that they can achieve broader operating margins. The Winmore onboarding process also decreases the risk of scope creep and reduces the chances of an organization experiencing a costly deployment delay.


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