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Managing Commercial Teams

Transform and Accelerate your Pricing Process. Ensure compliance with internal workflows.

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Managing Tender Teams

Align your customer-facing teams with a 360-degree view of your customers.

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Pricing Ocean & Air Freight

Streamline your Tender Management processes. Automate your Internal Pricing Benchmarks.

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Implementing Awarded Business

Streamline and automate the hand-off from solution design to implementation.

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Pricing Road Freight

Streamline your RFP and Pricing processes. Automate your Internal Pricing Benchmarks.

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Collaborating with Shipper Customers

Develop deeper loyalty in a shared collaborative digital workspace.

The Logistics Industry's Only Platform With:


Pricing Intelligence

Get Insight on your Lane Revenue and Profitability, while Increasing Customer Accountability.


Team Workflows

Organize and Align Your Teams to Qualify and Respond to Bids, Manage Implementations and Forecast Margin.

Analytics & Insights


Discover RFP and Tender Lane-level Analytics, so you know where you're winning and where you need to win more.


Shipper & Partner Collaboration

Invite your shippers to collaborate with you in a secure digital workspace and work more closely together while increasing accountability and promoting teamwork.

Take The Next Steps

Speak to an Expert

Talk to one of our pricing experts; they've worked at some of the industry's most innovative bid desks.

Request a Demo

See RateAI in action and learn more about our digital platform for freight brokers, forwarders and carriers.

Schedule a Briefing

Meet the RateAI team in person and see what it's like to work with us and our solutions.

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